December 2, 2017

EMAIL MARKETING email marketing service


BULK Email Marketing Service That Makes It To The Inbox.

Email marketing is good for your business. back-for-every-spent kind of good.

Seoinfosoft solution, India’s leading permission-based email marketing platform, helps you reach your target group effectively at a minimal cost. Seoinfosoft solution Email Marketing helps you connect with your customers in just a few clicks. Use Seoinfosoft solution and save time and track your campaign from anywhere in the world. Use emails to reach a large number of people in less time and money. Allow Email marketing to give a massive boost to business. Customize your message, promote offers, send reminders, bag new clients, and more! Strategize powerful marketing messages through Seoinfosoft solution Email Marketing Service.

Seoinfosoft Solution is the leader in transactional email delivery. Our cloud-based bulk email service replaces in-house email infrastructure so customers don’t have to build, scale, and maintain their own email systems.

Our Features-

Responsive Templates:-

Ready to use responsive templates. Well tested and flawless display on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Scheduled Campaigns:-

Prepare your campaigns in advance and set up the pre-scheduling feature to make sure your message is delivered at the right time.

Social Sharing Icons:-

Use Seoinfosoft Solution’s social icons or import your own and offer your clients more options to interact with your brand.

Unsubscribe Link:-

All your campaigns will feature an unsubscribe link that allows your recipients to unsubscribe in a single click.

Full Personalization:-

Use any field contained in your database to personalize your message.

Improve Your Reputation:-

You’ll never have to worry about bounce management again. Seoinfosoft Solution does it automatically and it allows you to preserve and improve your reputation.

Free Support:-

Have a question? Our support agents are here to answer your questions and get you going.


Email Marketing Plan:-


Also We Provide Email id List With Every Plan Free Of Cost

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